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Working at DEME

More than 5,200 talented people from across the globe

DEME is immensely proud of its people.We recognise that highly motivated, creative people are key to our success.DEME currently employs in excess of 5,000 talented and dedicated people, from more than 90 nationalities, making DEME a truly multicultural group.

Hundreds of new recruits join DEME each year

Given our rapid expansion and our ambitions to continue to grow, we are always looking for new recruits to join our team – in fact we typically welcome hundreds of new DEME staff members each year.We look for those people with the passion and determination to play their role in driving projects forward to success and to complete them to the full satisfaction of our customers.

We offer employees the chance to work on truly groundbreaking projects across the globe, whether they are crew on our state-of-the-art fleet or at our many projects and offices worldwide.

Stimulating working environment and helping to create a sustainable world

We offer a rewarding and stimulating working environment where your skills and competences will be recognised, and where knowledge and innovation are highly prized.Our activities often push the boundaries: we do things that have never been done before.Thanks to the development of innovative technologies, we play a pioneering role in projects all around the world, and we have a constant eye on sustainable development.If you want to play a role in creating a sustainable world, then DEME is for you!

Career development – we invest in your future

Our people are at the heart of our company.And to make sure our employees continue to develop and optimise their career, we offer a broad range of tailored training and development programmes.We understand that you want to develop a quality career and we offer every opportunity to challenge yourself - to make the next step.Being such a diverse group with activities ranging from offshore construction to environmental remediation, there are many opportunities available to switch between sectors/departments to enable you to build a long-term, fulfilling career.

Extensive training portfolio

For our diverse training opportunities for both crew and our people onshore.Our specialist courses range from traditional classroom-based teaching to simulator training, e-learning and to tailor-made solutions for our project managers of the future.

DEME Basics4Starters introduction

Basics4Starters is a three-day introduction programme, which is mandatory for all DEME employees across the globe.It provides a general overview and outlines the newly developed project activities within the Group.

Simulator training

DEME is renowned for its technical dredging training and provides many opportunities for employees via our in-house simulators.Students can optimise their skills on cutter and hopper simulators on a realistic, full-bridge simulator.

Dredging Technical Training and STCW 95

DEME organises an officially recognised, extended dredging course, which consists of four technical modules, dealing with themes such as soil mechanics, hydraulics, process measuring and automation, the working of dredgers and so on.The course is organised for our engineers, working on site or for our central technical departments.

DEME Skills Programme

This programme aims at honing relevant technical and non-technical, people skills for employees who have been with us between one and five years.Here you work in project teams from the tender phase to completion.

DEME 2020

This is a specialised training programme to enhance the expertise and develop the potential of future Project Managers.This three-week intensive programme, organised in cooperation with Flanders Business School, covers several areas of project management, including people skills, business management and contract management.


We have a close cooperation with ESF for the implementation and development of various Learning and Development Management projects.

Project 1 - Foundations for the future

This project is designed to support our employees within the context of the DEMEx innovation program, via the provision of a number of relevant training courses.We are also organising additional training courses which teach employees key social and digital skills.

Project 2 - A lifelong and sustainable career at DEME

This project is designed to support our employees within the context of the DEMEx innovation program, via the provision of a number of relevant training courses.We are also organising additional training courses that teach employees key social and digital skills.

Equal opportunities and a safe working environment

我们致力于成为一个平等的机会mployer.We want everyone to feel that they can thrive in a stimulating working environment and achieve their personal goals.Personnel are recruited and promoted based on their personal competencies, contribution and potential.

DEME is determined to provide a healthy and safe working environment for all of its employees.Our commitment to a safe workplace means that harassment, intimidation, threatening or offensive behaviour will not be tolerated.

Recognised as an Employer of Choice

DEME places a great deal of emphasis on attracting and retaining the best people in the industry.And recently we have been recognised as an employer of choice with two important awards.In February 2020, for the 13th consecutive year, the CRF Institute named DEME as a Top Employer.

In addition, DEME was awarded the 'most attractive employer in Belgium' for the third time at the 2019 Randstad Employer Brand Awards.This is based on the results of a survey among 14,000 respondents!

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Even if you have no experience, DEME has plenty of opportunities

If you want to become a future pioneer, creating a sustainable world – at sea or ashore - why not start off at a multicultural, forward-thinking company like DEME?Perhaps you are without work experience currently;this is not a problem for us.DEME still has a broad range of exciting internship and dissertation opportunities and summer jobs, where no experience is necessary.

A passion for projects

We seek young professionals with a passion for complex projects.Put simply – DEME does things that have never been done before.You have to be open to different cultures, be flexible and driven by your ambition to realise huge, complex, groundbreaking projects.Undoubtedly, you will get the chance to travel because we work in all corners of the globe but your passion for projects should be the overriding reason you choose an exciting career with us.

We continuously look for young professionals and to encourage you to join us we provide two main paths, either through an internship or by a dissertation.We also help facilitate your time with us as much as possible by providing assistance with transport and other requirements.


For crew, project teams and offices

DEME gives Masters Students or those heading into their final year, the opportunity to do an internship on a project site or within one of our departments.For keen potential crew members, you are welcome to apply throughout your studies.Please indicate your preferred Business unit or activity line in your covering letter.


We offer subjects for final dissertations in different fields of engineering.To find a match with your academic field of specialisation, please indicate your preferred subject(s) in your covering letter when applying.

You can find us every year at various recruitment fairs at engineering and naval schools or universities, as well as professional events and seminars.

Summer jobs – no experience necessary

During the summer holidays we also have several student jobs at our offices, where no experience is necessary.


Our people are the foundation for the success of our business.DEME makes every effort to create an environment in which our staff and crew can flourish and are stimulated to further strengthen their competencies, share their knowledge and develop their skills to make them strong team players.

Last year we proudly celebrated the 15th anniversary of our 'Energy@DEME' sports and well-being programme.Promoting and embedding a healthy and sports-minded culture is part of our DNA and employees can participate in plenty of sports and well-being activities.Across the globe we come together to run, cycle, play soccer, row, climb or do yoga.It is a great opportunity for our growing number of employees to meet new faces outside the workplace, have fun together and maintain a healthy team spirit.

The year is always packed full of sporting events ranging from cycling and running in France to rowing in dragon boats in Belgium, to playing soccer in a football tournament in Singapore.In some countries our people even come together on a weekly basis for a healthy workout.

Every year we select a group of DEME Heroes to get more employees on board of the 'Energy@DEME' programme.The Heroes take the challenge to a life changing journey and receive medical and nutritional coaching throughout the year to climb a mountain by bicycle or to run a half marathon.

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